Where the Clever Things Are

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  2. deadlifts-and-donuts said: I see them hammies. Gotdamn
  3. thisroguesrevenge said: Oddly I’ve never laughed during an ab workout. Usually it involves way more begging for death.
  4. ironwarriorstraining said: PIKES!! Great job!
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  6. straightarrowlife said: Beautiful.
  7. westcoastfindings said: Look at those Hammies though
  8. snapthistiger said: dang leg muscles popping!!!
  9. runthroughlife said: I see muscles.
  10. dalhd805 said: The parent in me just shouted out loud “dear God don’t fall!”
  11. bestbrit said: GodDAMN! That must’ve been soooo tough. You’re a beast!