Where the Clever Things Are

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  2. eclipsenikkie said: Holy heck! You are going to rock this comp! Everything looks great, but my eyes are drawn to your quads. They are looking amazing.
  3. lizlivinglife said: You look KILLER!!!
  4. straightarrowlife said: I’m rooting for you with all my heart. Go get ‘em tomorrow. ♥
  5. rgbringingupbabyb said: I still don’t understand how you had kids and look like this… and i still STILL don’t understand how you can make your body look like this on command and yet look completely NORMAL and fit in real life… mind blown
  6. amandafiguresitout said: You’ll do so well! Good luck!!
  7. snapthistiger said: wow! you are ready..
  8. notjustrunnershigh said: You look amazing. You are the best, be the best!
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